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“We all have superpowers.
It’s my mission to introduce you to yours.”

Hypnotherapist, Zen Priest, Writer, Artist, Philosopher. I help people get what they want… and I love my job!

I’ve been teaching stress reduction, meditation and mental effectiveness techniques to individuals, professional groups, families, and students, at offices, homes, and schools since 2003.

Working with me, you’ll learn to put your own “hands on the steering wheel” of your nervous system, and your life. Not everybody wants that responsibility, so before you call/email/text me be prepared to dig deep. You’re going to learn about yourself and how to take control of your mind.

This is important work. I seriously believe the fate of the planet depends on each of us taking full responsibility for ourselves.

What am I doing when not working with you, or relaxing river-side (as above)?

Well, I have a day job as Director of Attention (aka Ms. Bossy Pants) for a magazine.

I also teach classes, do a lot of writing—how-to stuff, class stuff, ceremonial stuff, and fiction—and do ceremonies.

Previous experiences…

I’ve been a flight attendant, worked at homeless shelters, been the Sunday School teacher at a Zen monastery (that’s how I met my wonderful husband and amazing step-daughters), waited tables, and lots of world-traveling…

I speak at conferences and lobby at the Utah State Capitol. I step up for LGBTQ rights, medical marijuana, the environment and animal rights.

I’ve been called “the most non-judgemental person on the planet.” When people don’t recognize my Zen robes, they often ask if I’m a judge. I say I am an “anti-judge.”

But I am judgmental. Very judgemental. I’ll be judging your vocabulary to see if what you tell yourself fits what you want. Then we’ll fix it!

Let me be your Director of Attention. Together, we’ll free you from your kryptonite, align you with your super-hero team, and engage your super-hero powers!

You can read more about me on LinkedIn

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