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Hypnotherapy for the New Year

Get into your subconscious mind and make real changes.

Your muscles remember —that’s why we call spontaneous action “muscle memory.”

You have access to your muscle memories when you are feeling secure (think of well-practiced athletes) or deeply relaxed (like when you are asleep).

When you consciously practice something over and over again with a coach (like the athletes) or with a hypnosis recording you are training yourself to be your best.

But how often do most of us do that? Most of us go day-to-day doing our best but making mistakes. We not only get frustrated, we are training to be frustrated, maybe even confused and self-doubting. We are not training to be our best.

On the other hand, We can also train by accessing our subconscious mind by getting deeply relaxed. Unfortunately, that rarely works because the relaxed mind starts to wander, and then falls asleep.

I can help you. I get people deeply relaxed and, knowing what you want I help direct your mind, to practice feeling and being how you want to feel and be.

How can this help you?

Think of how your life could be better.

  • Clear out old mental baggage.
  • Discover new possibilities.
  • Empower yourself to be who you truly want to be by breaking past mental barriers.

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